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Hi. Handspring UK is no longer making work. Please follow for news on Handspring Puppet Company.

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    7 jun. 2013

    Hi ! Our puppetry show The is coming to London June 25/26, would love a RT & to see you

  2. 8 mar. 2013

    Fantastic opening night of 's MND last night. Magical and delightful from our inspiring s African colleagues.

  3. 17 ene. 2013

    And if you can see invisible thread upstairs - a little gem touched with liz walker genius.

  4. 18 dic. 2012

    Always a warm welcome at .

  5. retwitteó
    13 dic. 2012

    Fantastic workshop with HandspringUK Mervyn Millar. Big Thank You to the ! Worth their weight in gold!

  6. retwitteó
    13 dic. 2012

    Brilliant workshop by Mervyn , thanks , 'inspired' doesn't even begin to cover it!

  7. retwitteó
    13 dic. 2012

    Good times in the puppetry workshop with Mervyn from Handspring. Regretting not bringing the little guy home.

  8. 18 dic. 2012

    Great work from old Handspringers Nick Karimi and Jane Leaney in The Double at until the end of the week - get along!

  9. 16 sept. 2012

    Love and Information at thrilling, beautiful, funny, alarming. good good good.

  10. 22 ago. 2012

    At for @ruariglynn's astonishing responsive machine. Amazing atmosphere in the room around a stunning thing.

  11. 20 jul. 2012
  12. retwitteó
    10 jul. 2012

    I suppose I was most appalled that you could leave me cut open, my heart utterly gone, without anesthetic or stitching.

  13. retwitteó
    8 jul. 2012

    thank you! Thank you!We LOVED the physicality&vigour darkly rich&savagely joyous.Well done u all!

  14. retwitteó
    6 jul. 2012

    Really enjoyed seeing Crow by last night!

  15. retwitteó
    5 jul. 2012

    Great talk by and at today! Me and left inspired :)

  16. 3 jul. 2012

    Last week of shows for Crow - get here before Saturday!

  17. retwitteó
    28 jun. 2012
  18. retwitteó
    25 jun. 2012

    So come, and slowly we will walk through green gardens and marvel at this strange and sweet world.

  19. 25 jun. 2012

    Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler of Handspring, at Queen Mary's Leverhulme Talks on the 5th July.


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